Edge reamer (28.05.2011) | 28.05.2011
June 2010 – Purchase of Edge reamer, length 3m, which is able to edge material of thickness 6mm.
Edge reamer (28.05.2011) (28.05.2011)

June 2010 – Purchase of Edge reamer, length 3m, which is able to edge material of thickness 6mm.

Construction (27.05.2011) (27.05.2011)

Today, constructions of power 60MWp are produced and built.

New web page (26.05.2011) (26.05.2011)

We have launched new web pages of plumbery and roof tilery Kohút.

Photovoltaic power plants (13.05.2011) (13.05.2011)

April 2010 – Production and realization of photovoltaic power plants in Czech republic and Slovakia starts.

New technology (25.08.2009)

In the years 2008 and 2009 the Plumbery Kohút Company extended its production when new machines bought:

- production and processing of the TAHOKOV material
- production of bearing constructions for photovoltaic power stations
- production of light-gauge steel constructions from light-walled profiles
- production from rust free metal sheets
- pressing on the off-centre press

Tahokov - It is a modern material to be used in modern architecture, which is being used for designing façade elements, ceilings, balconies, paravents, interiors, exteriors, etc. It’s being made by cutting and broaching metal plates thick from 0,4 to 6 mm from these materials: rustfree steel, galvanized materials, aluminum, by request we can provide takohov zinc dipped, brass, bronze, copper. 
Use: protecting and decorating covers, overhead ceiling, facades, shelf fillers, containers, garbage cans, protection fences, ascendable grids, fencing (of buildings, roads, railroads)

Bearing constructions for photovoltaic power stations - In the year 2008 Plumbery Kohút started production of bearing constructions for photovoltaic power stations. At the beginning our costumers didn’t know how to figure out these constructions. Their demand was to have individual parts made from light profiles and of course simple assembly. After thorough studying and consultations with design engineer, our company presented a simple design of construction profiles including holes for assembly of these light constructions. After we made the first bearing parts for photovoltaic power stations we earned all the practice we needed for production. By the customer’s request we offer: graphical design of bearing constructions, analysis of structure, documentation of the process. 

Projection and production of light-gauge steel constructions - Another production that was started up by our company is the realization of light-gauge constructions from light-walled profiles. The advantage of these halls is that they’re about 25% lighter than individual steel constructions. Production of a steel hall takes place in Plumbery Kohút factory, from where the parts of the hall, such as bearing constructions, truncated tracks, roof construction and other parts are transported to the construction place. We can arrange the assembly of the hall by the costumer’s request; if he decides to realize it himself we provide him documentation with the instructions. These assembled halls can be used as manufacturing, selling, agricultural or storage.

Production of rust free metal sheets 
- Because of the growing demand we started production, cutting out and welding of rust free products. Our supply is mainly to the building industry (facades, grids). Of course we can provide products to any other industry. The material is being purchased from professional suppliers, who are able to provide us with all the certificates needed. Rust free metal plates are being delivered in the form of a plate or a scroll including the safety covers which we are able to lengthways or transversely cut by ourselves.

Pressing on the off-centre press - During the time of our activity a possibility of purchase of an off-centre press came up. The press was used for a lot production of small supplements for building, which saved us a lot of time and made the production more efficient. We discovered another use when making corbels for the photovoltaic power stations. During this or any other production we are able to provide the press including the project documentation.


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