Edge reamer (28.05.2011) | 28.05.2011
June 2010 – Purchase of Edge reamer, length 3m, which is able to edge material of thickness 6mm.

History of plumbery and tiler works Jaroslav Kohút

The company Jaroslav Kohút – tiler works was founded on the 1st of April 1989, its founder was Jaroslav Kohút. At the start its main focus was plumbery and tiler services. The industrial production of edged profiles was commenced in April 2000 when 6-metre benders were put into practice with thickness up to 2mm. We began to supply companies which build industrial halls, commercial and entertainment centres. 

In 2007 the company invested into new production area with innovative technologies:

  • hydraulic bender – width 4mm, length 10 m
  • board scissors – width 6mm, length 6m
  • unwinding station with longitudinal and transverse division – width 4mm, length 1250

In 2008 we invested into new machinery:

  • edging press, length 8m, width 10mm
  • cutting press station – suitable for material up to 6mm thick, working space 1500x3000

In 2009:

  • eccentric press, pressing force 63 t

The company of Jaroslav Kohút has a history of nearly 20 years. During this period we attracted many permanent and important clients to whom we have secured a wide range of tiler services and products.

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